Loans without BIK – are they profitable?

Regardless of what we are guided by, when deciding to take out a loan without BIK, it is worth finding out in advance what laws govern this type of loan and whether they are really as profitable as the media convinces us.


Loans without BIK, ie without what?

Loans without BIK, ie without what?

The Credit Information Bureau is one of the largest entities in Poland that collects and processes data on borrowers. Information that can be found in it is, among others information about whether the borrower has repaid his loan, eg cash, or how he repays his current liability. It is in the BIK database that banks and non-bank financial institutions find important information about future potential borrowers.

And so, when applying for a loan without BIK, the bank or other institution bypasses this entity when making its decision. However, it is not that they do not verify their customers. They do this, but in other databases similar to BIK, such as the Economic Information Bureau or the National Debt Register.


Payday loans without checking the BIK database?

Payday loans without checking the BIK database?

Payday loan is a type of loan that is granted by non-bank institutions or private individuals outside the banking system. It is worth emphasizing here that lenders do not verify their clients in databases such as BIK, which is a big plus for people who do not have a flawless credit history.

These loans are subject to the regulations of the Civil Code, not banking law. Payday loans are granted for a short period, so remember not to borrow too much money because we may have problems paying them back. In addition, payday loans are very popular among people who have been entered into the debtors’ databases and are not able to obtain credit or loans in any other way, but need additional cash.

Free payday loans, which are primarily available to new customers using this service for the first time, are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, when looking for the best offer for you, you should consider taking a loan from a company where we did not take it before and thanks to that we will be able to count on additional bonuses.


Loans without BIK – is this a good choice?

Loans without BIK - is this a good choice?

Loans granted without checking in the BIK database are not always a good solution. First of all, deciding to take this type of loan, even if we pay it back on time, this information will not be sent to the Credit Information Bureau, which means that we will not be able to build your positive credit history.

It is certainly not a good solution if we pay our debts on time, because then it is better to take a regular loan and when we can simply get a loan from a bank or other non-bank institution.

In turn, it will be a good choice for people who cannot get a loan or loan anywhere, and for people who have a bailiff, because it is one of the few ways to improve their budget.

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